INETcc history

2000: Triscall France and Belgium are created.


2001: Start of the production mainly for publishing sector of activity for french, belgian and swiss markets.


2003: Launch of the projects for ducth speaking market in Belgium and german speaking market in Switzerland


2005 - 2007: 1st muli-linguals projects: how to set them and make the follow-up ; the management is able to understand how difficult are to set and make the follow up for these kinds of projects.


2007: 1st study about the possibility to set a call center network.


2008: The decision is maken to launch a network of independant call center; this is the consecuence of our specific background regarding the best way to set and follow multi-lingual and multi-countries projects.

1st contact are made with call center in Europe and Africa in order to propose such organization; feedback is very positive.


2009: The brand INETcc is created - INETcc for International Network Call Center


From 2009 to 2013: Big increase of the activity and of the total number of partners; the network has about 10.000 workstations at the end of 2013.


2013: New partners in Asia - China, Hong-Kong and several countries from South-East Asia  


2014: Expansion of the network and projects to new destinations in East Europe and Africa.


2015: Strong growth of the activity vs 2014 regarding turnover (>100%), volume of contacts managed (calls, email...) and network (countries and languages which are support)


2016: 2016 has been mainly the year of the strengthening of the commercial & marketing collaboration with the main partners of the network - Germany, Italy, France - and by consecuences by the increase of the demand from these countries.

2016 is also the year of the launching of the production from Russia; production which will increase in 2017.

2017: 2 main events are to be underlined in 2017:

1- The launch of the non stop production in Asia - Hong-Kong & Australia - and this for an european customer leading the sales of clothes on internet.

Singapore should follow in 2018.


2- The growth of the production on russian market due to the start of the production for a chinese customer - one of the world top 5 producer of smartphones.

These 2 events show the rising share of the asian market in our production as customers or as market.


2019/2020: An agreement has been signed with the japanese company Masterpiece Group in order to merge skills, experiences and resources between Asia and Europe and become one of the world leader regarding the offer for multilingual call center project.


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