Our commitments

INETcc is the unique wordwide call center working as co-operative, that means:


1- Partnership: INETcc is a co-operative company which centralized the set up and the follow-up of the projects, the marketing & the sales departments..but INETcc is also a company which work together with local companies.


2- The focus on social requirements: INETcc is working and choose partners which follow the local labour law; INETcc (former Triscall) has been the first call center which got the SA8000 certification.


3- The transparency: INETcc delivers to the customers all data collected from our offices whatever the country and the data collected (call, email, chat...); these data are available daily on our customer website which is available with a login and password (see "customer website")


4- The support: INETcc offers to its partners several ways to increase their add-value: logistic, financial and know-how supports with as main objective to develop a long term and efficiency collaboration; by consecuences to our customers, this support is the best guaranty to deliver a safe and quality production for your activity.



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