GBA Global BPO Alliance

Global BPO Alliance is the world's first global BPO call center alliance that brings together independent BPO providers from Asia, Europe and South America.

Masterpiece Group Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Osamu Sato), INETcc (France: CEO Denis Guittet), Colombia Outsourcing Solutions S.A.S. (Colombia: CEO Felipe Samper), INGO S.p.A. (Italy: CEO Marco Durante), and 95teleweb Information Co. (China: CEO Wang Yuan) have established the global call center alliance “GBA Global BPO Alliance Pte. Ltd.” as a legal entity. Its secretariat headquarters was opened in Milan, Italy in June this year.


Established to be a strategic partner for companies promoting globalization, GBA's mission is to continue to provide our corporate users around the world, no matter where they are located or what language they require, with peace of mind that they will be able to use a variety of BPO services at reasonable prices over a long term. Currently, there are 14 member companies of GBA.


Although we can cover 28 languages, we are continuing to expand the number of languages we can cover in the future.


1. Single Point of Contact

When a customer wanted a global operation that spanned several countries, it was necessary to set up a meeting in each country. With GBA, there is a single point of contact, and GBA takes care of all the cumbersome tasks, such as giving instructions to each country. Smooth communication is possible no matter where the customer is located in the world.


2. Coverage of 60% of the World's Languages population

In addition to the world's major languages of English, Chinese and Spanish, we also offer a variety of local languages such as Hindi, Bengali, German, French, Italian and Burmese at local prices. We currently offer 28 languages, and as such, we already cover more than 60% of the world's population.


3. Best Partner Selection in Each Country

English is the standard language for global BPO players. However, at GBA, in addition to the Philippines, where all the BPO players from all over the world are gathered, there is also a wide variety of English speaking countries such as Bangladesh, where prices are currently the cheapest in the world, and Malaysia, where has a strong asset of Asian English such as Singlish.

Therefore, you don't need to look for offshore call centers by yourself, as GBA will select the most suitable partner for your needs.


It is said that there are three main costs that determine the price of BPO services: communication costs, depreciation of information systems, and labor costs. In today's world, it is no exaggeration to say that the key to success of BPO services is “cost effectiveness,” since there is no significant difference in costs between countries except for labor costs due to the spread of internet and the remarkable development of the information and communication fields. GBA will expand the number of supported countries and languages, building on the prerequisites of stable quality and localized prices.


If you are looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency in your global BPO operations, we at GBA will be happy to assist you.



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