Financial services - bank & insurance

Context :

We have set up call center agents and supervisors for outbound and inbound calls: our agents have been specifically trained for financial products.

We manage several thousands of insurances files per month from the inbound call (insurance claim processing) to the end decision regarding the reimbursement or swap of the devices, we manage also the sales for insurances & banks companies (including up sell - cross sell).

Nowadays these activities represent thousands of calls handle everyday in several countries.

We have authorization to be broker for some of the countries.


- Inbound: customer service, hot line, help desk, anti churn, complaint and issue resolution...
- Telesale: acquisition, upsell, cross sell, loyalty clubs...
- Calls to schedule meeting for your bank or insurance agents: management of the calendar
- Chat: information, support, sale…
- Management of your emails
- Back office: postmail organization, scanning, archieving...
- Insurance/bank claim processing

- Fraud detection/prevention calls

- Welcome calls
- Survey