Pharmaceutical - Healthcare

Context :

We set up team for your marketing campaigns, including your advertising, we have also agents available for informations demand, fulfillment...

The medical and pharmaceutical sectors are very specific because they are linked to the health of your customers, it is why we have trained specific project manager in order to propose reliable services.

Besides this specific training we have as well a high experience in some of the biggest markets in the world; our staff with native speakers knows very well your markets and the behaviour of your customers, this is the main advantage to enter a new market and to be profitable on long term period.

- Telesale of products linked to medical sector

- Detection of leads for your new medicine/drug

- Customer service: information, sales, fulfillment, hot line

- Welcome calls

- Fulfillment of your orders and the delivery of your products

- Database management

- Back office: postmail/email for your newsletter, invoice…

- Survey

- Team for emergency event (24/24 - 7/7)