Context :

We have set up staff specifically train for publishing sector, we have nowadays more than 15 years of experience in selling magazines, comics, newspapers in several markets and countries whatever the target: kids, teenagers, adults...

Our team which makes thousands of calls everyday do not make only a call but make an analyze of the target in order to propose the best product for the chosen prospect; working with native speakers help us to make qualitative calls.

We manage also the database, we select for your the best database which will fit your target.

- Telesale to prospects which was pre selected or not

- Inbound telesale, acquisition, anti churn...

- Welcome calls

- E.commerce support: chat, email, call back...

- Order taking and fulfillment

- Database broker

- Customer service team with specific training about publishing sectors

- Back office:postmail or email for order fulfillment, billing management…

- Survey