UE project- Outbound calls - 30 countries

2019 - 1st quarter - UE outbound project & Customer service


INETcc has managed in january 2019 a project which will cover 30 countries; european countries whose Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, Baltic countries, Scandinavian countries, Balkanics countries, Benelux + USA & Canada and China + Japan.


The project was an outbound ones and had as main objective to give informations about UE new rules about medical commitments as well as inform the targets about how to get these informations, in which website, how to receive the newsletter...


The targets were B2B, medical sector (factory, association, administration...)


During the same period INETcc has set up a new customer service for devices like videoprojector, set top box, fax..and this over 4 countries: Germany, Italy, France & UK.




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