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Global Communication - Quality with local intelligence

First INETcc is a call center with 25 years of experience; our organization represents about 30 call center in Europe, Africa and Asia from 30 to 500 workstations - you can see where are located our offices on INETcc NETWORK


INETcc proposes to manage your project over one or several countries and whatever the total number of countries involved you will have only one main contact: global production, local follow up.


Your results are made following your demand - you choose your language, your reports, your period of delivery....we adapt our report to your specific needs in our "customer website"


Our specificity is to select a call center for your market which will fit your request.



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From north to South Europa


Since september 2018, 2 new customer services have been set up; one regarding insurance management in Spain and another for mobile payment...

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Best whishes for 2016


INETcc team is happy to wish a happy new year for all his customers and partners.   2015 is ending with a huge increase of the activity as...

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